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Dasman Audit was established by Mr. Mohammed Mullayousef  who was given the auditor Registration Number 132A. 

Dasman Audit provides outstanding service to clients. The quality and expertise of the office has been proven through its clients’ satisfaction. 

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At Dasman Audit, our mission is to provide exceptional audit services that uphold the highest standards of professionalism, integrity, and transparency in the State of Kuwait. We are committed to delivering accurate and reliable financial insights, assisting our clients in making informed decisions, and safeguarding the interests of stakeholders. With a focus on building strong relationships and delivering personalized solutions, we strive to be the trusted partner for businesses in navigating the complex world of auditing and compliance.


Our vision is to be recognized as the leading audit company in the State of Kuwait, setting the benchmark for excellence in the industry. We aspire to continuously evolve and innovate, staying at the forefront of emerging trends and technologies to deliver cutting-edge audit solutions. Through our unwavering dedication to client satisfaction, the pursuit of knowledge, and the nurturing of talent, we aim to be the preferred choice for businesses seeking comprehensive audit services that drive growth and success.



We are committed to maintaining a culture of professionalism, demonstrating expertise, competence, and objectivity in every aspect of our work.


We prioritize our clients' needs, striving to understand their unique challenges and delivering tailored solutions that add value to their businesses.


a collaborative environment that encourages teamwork, open communication, and knowledge sharing that leads to innovative solutions and superior outcomes.


By staying up-to-date with the latest industry developments and best practices, our team is better equipped to provide top-notch assistance to our clients.


We take responsibility for our actions, deliver on our commitments, and are accountable for the quality and accuracy of our work and acting in the best interests of our clients.


We embrace change and proactively adapt which allows us to provide innovative solutions and navigate complexities effectively, ensuring the success and growth of our clients.